Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Importance Of Self Realization

We are very picky as humans... Most of all, We are very selfish with mostly everything.. Most of all our lives, emotions, our past and our futures... Which is all part of being human, but also part of a ever greedy society, and one that will take comfort over anything.  We all share this in some way, and together we become the greedy people, the people that will sometimes be greedy for themselves, for other people, for the right people and the wrong, the right cause, or the wrong cause... This is what I call being Human...

The self realization of a human being, is someone that comes in contact with life, in a surreal form, or way. One that realizes what life is worth to them, what they will do to live their lives in a matter that is most comfortable for them, so that they can inevitably make themselves feel Happiness, and in the mean time, make others proud, or sad.  It is here where people can win big, or lose miserably. But im not saying either outcome is bad.. Both can be and always will be something to lean back on, something to carry with you for eternity, and it not only goes for you, but everyone, the entire world..

Maybe, Im losing your intrest... So let me ask you a simple but determining question...

Have you ever been happy, but sad; sad but happy?

The answer for all, should be yes.. That is if you live in this world.. The human world.

Simply, it is impossible to have one without the other.  It is something that is with us for a life time.. The battle of finding happiness, through the understanding of sadness. This can go unnoticed for a life time, or can be noticed in every step of a new beginning, or time of change..

Let me share a quick experience with you.. In order to clarify and bring this topic to reality for you.

For a long time, I began to feed myself a false realization of happiness, and hope, taking my happiness for granted, to please others. This is not directed towards anyone specific. I began to think that the comfort of past happiness, experiences and over taking sadness with certain people, gave me the future power to always be happy, and conquer it by myself.  Sometimes living life, sadly happy, which leads to an empty feeling.  It gave me a sense of being non-human, being something that was not chasing what I wanted.  I fell into a level of comfort, where I never looked at my own doings, my own dreams, my own feelings, to understand what truly can make me happy, what made me human, what made life acceptable for me.

I started to wonder if being happy was greedy... Because I knew in order to regain full happiness within myself, someone's happiness would be shaken, and possibly robbed by my decisions.  But that is human nature, and part of life.. You cannot please everyone, no matter how humble and giving you are..

I must say, that during the process of Self Realization, I have learned that this is a life long study, of how you want to live.  As life changes, so does your happiness, your sadness, the things that bring you and your peers together, or apart. Its a great part of life, but also one that is very misunderstood, by both the individual, and everyone else that is connected and depending on that individual.

The hardest part of the process, is deciding what and how to do things, in order to make one happy, as in yourself.

I had to come to a point of mental silence, taking out all of the filter that I have placed in my life, that was blocking the way I thought life was supposed to be.. I had to start thinking about what would fulfill me at this time, not yesterday, or tomorrow.  I had to do something NOW.

This process of self realization happens many times in a persons life, and is a critical part of living for you..  Although, it may come suddenly, and surprise many peers, and even yourself.  I had too understand that this feeling was real, and something about it was telling me, that I created this, and needed to pay attention to ME.

As life moves on, we depend on others to fulfill this void between happiness and sadness, rarely thinking that the people that can bring you both, usually understand you, and love you the most. No one is going to make you completely happy, or completely sad, unless you let them.. But at the end of the day, no one will ever make you happy or sad, if you have no Self-Realization of what you desire for both emotions, or how you want to live your life based on the only two emotions that matter in this entire universe.

When you are faced with the question of being unhappy, make a change, that is feasible for only YOU... When you are facing happiness, never get too comfortable to forget what you have, never begin to think you can't lose that happiness again, and that you may have to start over for your own well being.

There is no such thing as being too greedy with your emotions..

If anything, there is no such thing as others making you happy or sad, it is all up to you to feel what you feel, so there is no time to waste, listening to others on what you should do, to fulfill your SELF REALIZATION!!!!


Mike 12'


  1. Loved it! Well-written& a topic that one can apply to many aspects of life! Thanks Mike!

  2. I have read this blog a thousand times, really trying to grasp what it truly means, how you truly felt. I had no clue that you had even felt this way. You masked this one feeling so well, that it makes me even afraid to get back into another relationship. I was so sure I was doing all the right things to make you happy, but now I am content with you doing what you feel is best for you. I can't relate with this blog, but I wish I knew how you felt before it was to late. Damn, you have inspirated me to start blogging again. Thanks, Michael

  3. Man that is on point. I am in that same situation, not really happy with what I'm doing but not particularly sad either. I'm in a content place and that means there is no growth. I need to make a choice because comfortable isn't a place I want to settle in right at this moment.